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Your Songs – The Results

Last week I asked whether people had “their song” as an individual in a similar way to couples having “their songs”. You can read the post here.

Turns out people do. They’ve been letting me know what their songs are through the week and here’s a list of what we have so far.

Rain King – Counting Crows
Eternal Life – Jeff Buckley
At Seventeen – Janis Ian
Raise Your Glass – P!nk
More Than a Feeling – Boston
This Is How It Feels – Inspiral Carpets
Don’t Leave Me This Way – The Communards with Sarah Jane Morris
Blood On Blood – Bon Jovi
Sloth – Fairport Convention
Incident on 57th Street – Bruce Springsteen
Change – Blind Melon
From Despair to Where – Manic Street Preachers
The Kids Aren’t Alright – The Offspring
Not The Girl You Think You Are – Crowded House
Big Little Baby – The Reverend Horton Heat
A Town Called Malice – The Jam
Shine Son – Dennis Locorriere
Another Day – This Mortal Coil
Tired of Being Alone – Al Green
Rio – Duran Duran
Jump – Van Halen
Basket Case – Green Day
Supermassive Black Hole – Muse

A varied bunch, is it not? As are people. That’s the beauty of the whole thing. I’ve put them all into a Spotify playlist. There are songs to make you punch the air like a protagonist in a John Hughes movie. There are songs to make you wistfully stare out of the window like – well – a protagonist in a John Hughes movie. I’ve got it on in the background as I write this. I’ve already air-guitared to Boston. I AM NOT ASHAMED.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to the list. It’s been great fun putting together. There are some blasts from the past and some new aural pleasures. But this is an organic beast. I want to know what song belongs to you and you alone. Feel free to continue suggesting songs to me and we’ll keep it growing!


  1. Jo Kalsbeek says:

    Hard to pick… But maybe Alice Cooper’s Pain. (Flush the Fashion album). Depends on what kind of day I’m having though. But yeah. It was like a little gift when he played it live.

  2. Jo says:

    ‘My song’ is Queen – Don’t stop me now. My family all know it is the song they are leaving the crem to after my funeral. In the words of my Grandson it is a song that always ‘makes my heart dance’. (His words on hearing ‘Whole lotta Rosie by AC/DC – cool kid! lol) ‘Don’t stop me now’ is my phone ring tone and is how I feel about life – a rollercoaster that I never want to get off of….

  3. Barbara Russell says:

    Amazing, thanks for this! It’s an awesome list!!

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