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Well, This is Awkward…


I hope you’re doing well in these weird, weird, times and keeping up with the ever-changing rules governing our lives. I think, in the UK, we’re allowed to have groups of up to 6 people unless one of you is called Chandler and if there’s an ‘N’ in the name of the day you can meet your Gran in the pub, but not in a park with a dog and–

Anyway, I’m just stalling. This is a very difficult note to write, so I’ll just come out and say it. Near Life Experience won’t be out this month.

There’s been a variety of factors: All this *gestures to the bonfire that is the world*, cats getting run over, the work contract that pays the mortgage, and – that old chestnut these days – my health. Basically, life in 2020.

I’ve been working out how to get the book to you in the time I said I would, but the only way would’ve been to cut corners on the editing and post-production. I want to give you the best versions of my books possible, and I cannot and will not compromise on any elements (ok, apart from the very early version of How To Be Dead where there were Five Horsemen of the Apocalypse which NOBODY spotted. But no other elements. Honest.). So I’ve made the very difficult decision to delay the release.

I’ve talked to the editors and designers and everything’s booked in and we’re now looking at a December launch. If you pre-ordered the book, you haven’t been charged so don’t worry about that.

In the meantime, you can keep with developments by signing up to my Readers’ Group. You’ll also get a free short story about War, which should kill some time.

I’m so sorry this has happened. Thanks very much for your understanding. If you’ve pre-ordered any of my previous books, you’ll know that this is completely out of character for me. If you have any questions, please drop me a line and I’ll answer them for you.


Dave x


  1. Jo Kalsbeek says:

    It’ll come when it comes, and it will be worth the wait. Hang in there. (wtf about cats & cars????). Anyway… No kicking yourself about. I mean, if Bond gets to be postponed forever, then you can take a few more weeks, right?

    1. mrdaveturner says:

      This is an excellent point about Bond and I now wish I’d made a joke about it in the post now. Yeah, one of my cats turned up one morning (after partying all night) covered in blood and in a bad way. She’s, thankfully, ok now but things were a bit wobbly for a few days. I never thought I’d use the phrase “I don’t care what it costs!”, but that appears to be what I told the vet…

      1. Jo Kalsbeek says:

        I’ve been at the vet’s and have made the same statement a couple of times… Cats tend to make you empty your pockets willingly. Must be some sort of possession. In any case… Glad kitty’s better. Now for you to be well, (nothing new added to the pile, I hope….), and the book to be born juuuust in time for Christmas. No pressure though. 😉

  2. Terry Terry says:

    Not going to lie, disappointed but only because I love your writing so much. I hope things smooth out for you. Are we still on the pre order list or do we need to re-up?

    1. mrdaveturner says:

      Cheers, Terry! Yep, unfortunately the way Amazon is I have to cancel the whole thing and set it up again. But I’ll keep you posted!

  3. Malcolm says:

    Ours floofs, family and health should always take priority, in these crazy times I think we have all (I would hope!) become more patient….

    1. mrdaveturner says:

      Cheers. Yeah, everyone’s been very good about it, which is lovely.

  4. Sue Thorn says:

    Hey, Dave, sorry to hear you’ve been having a rough time. Hoping things do improve for you.
    In the meantime, you and your health are more important than getting the book out. Yes, I do have it on pre-order and I’m sure it will be worth the wait.
    Take care

    1. mrdaveturner says:

      Thanks, Sue. Really appreciate it!

  5. Bill Thompson says:

    Thanks for letting us know. I thought it was my Amazon account going wrong when they sent a cancellation email. It’s important to take the time to get it right 🙂

  6. Sue Davies says:

    So relieved you’re ok ( and that darn cat) -I will wait patiently and drive considerately.

  7. Mark Bridgman Smith says:

    Hi Dave
    Im sure it will be worth the wait…..
    Im disappointed to find out there are only 5 books!😳
    Given your books touch on what is and isnt important in life,
    Take care and importantly keep going!! things get really unpleasant when you stop!!

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