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War: A Four Horsemen Short Story

Friday! Woo!

It’s been a busy week at Aim For The Head Towers. Now I’m back to good health I need to find a new contract (*cough* I moonlight as a business analyst contractor in financial services if anybody knows anyone in that industry) so there have been lots of phone calls with recruitment agencies. On top of that, I’ve been mapping out the next two years’ publication schedules so I can keep you in sweet, sweet biscuit jokes.

Oh, and to ease back into this whole writing malarkey, I’ve published a short story about everybody’s favourite immortal idiot, War: It’s Paris, 1965. War’s found himself deep in the glamorous and lethal world of international espionage. Unhappy with both the treachery and restrictive dress-code, when a name from the past reappears in his life he realises he must risk everything to keep the world safe once again.

If you sign up to my Readers’ Group here, you can download it for free. Just a little something from me to say thanks for your support over the years.

If you don’t fancy signing up, it’s also on Amazon UK for 99p and Amazon US for 99c. I’d be stupidly grateful if you’d please consider leaving a review there once you’ve read it. Amazon’s magic algorithm likes to feed on yummy, yummy reviews and it helps authors like me become more visible in the black magic of their rankings.

I should also flag that this story continues War’s tale started in Four Horsemen, so if you’ve not read that, I recommend you do to get the most out of this. You’ve probably figured out from the style of the title that there’ll be stories titled ‘Famine’, ‘Conquest’ and ‘Death’ at some point to create a bijou series-ette concentrating on each Horseman in turn.

Anyway, I’ll stop bothering you now. I hope you have a good weekend. I’m off down to that there London to meet up with some old friends. This will be my first time day-drinking without any alcohol entering my system. It’s going to be interesting…


  1. Laura Carson says:

    Subscribed but also purchased as its ruddy well worth 99 new pence of anyone’s money! Devoured in one sitting and am now hoping you feel well enough to give us MORE!!

    1. mrdaveturner says:

      Yay! Thanks! Yep, all over it!

  2. LJ says:

    No alcohol entering your system? Are you on a tea crawl? With biscuits?

    1. mrdaveturner says:

      That would be lovely but I’m off the caffeine too!

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