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Dave Turner’s Band Name Generator

So I have a stupid running joke on Twitter which is whenever there’s a catchy phrase in the media, that becomes “my new band name”. Like this one from the other day:

To avoid doing some writing, I had a look this morning to see how many there were. I have listed them below. Please feel free to use them for your new band.

Steampunk Hedgehog

Antigravity Space Rocket

Bigger Luke Theorists

Nick Clegg’s Erotic Gnome

Fuzz Something

Jar of Moles

The Giant Disembodied Head of Ray Winstone Will Destroy You, You Slag

Mrs Slocombe’s Pussy

Unilateral Exit Mechanism

The Random Daves

Love Sausage

Bridal Meat Doll

Harry Maguire’s Legendary Forehead

Shaun’s Testicle Pain

Male Sex Robots with Unstoppable Bionic Penises

Bigly Pan Pipes

James Spader’s Lonely Doppelganger

Surge of Gonorrhoea

Milfy Cougar

Moderate Fantasy Violence

Biggins’ Secret Nazi Quiz Show

Puffin Tee Pee

Sphincter Preservation

Chino Shorts for Dave

Kelly Brook’s Boyfriend’s Crashed Van of Badgers

Javier Mascherano’s Torn Anus

Canada Whale Corpse Explosion

Hilda Ogden’s Qualcast Panther

The Joss Stone Death Plot

Alex Reid’s Sex Dungeon

Vegan Search Portal

Elon Musk’s Electric Semi

Oral Perversion.

And “Dave Turner’s Band Generator” is starting to look pretty good too. I also need some new material.


  1. Gordon Macfarlane says:

    Dave and his flat faced chickens

  2. Gemma says:

    Rabid platypus

  3. Matt R says:

    A genuine band that I went to school with…although I’m not certain of their subsequent success…
    Jam Doughnut & The Plastic Pedal Bins.

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