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The Four Horsemen Are Here!

My wife and I went to a pub quiz for the first time in years last night. I can tell you that there is no social awkwardness more painful than when you lose that pub quiz by one point and everyone on your table remembers that you changed an answer from the correct one to a wrong one earlier on.

Ivan the Terrible and Rasputin, I curse both of you. (They were the answers, not members of my team.)

Anyway, to save myself from thinking about that embarrassing situation, I’ve thrown myself into releasing the fourth How To Be Dead book, ‘Four Horsemen’, today.

We’ve gone for a Led Zeppelin vibe with this one. In fact, I’m playing Immigrant Song as I type this.

You can get it at these locations:
Amazon UK
Amazon US

I’ll be honest, it’s been a tough one. There have been heart operations and job losses that I’ve had to fit in around actually writing it. You and your support, emails, tweets and messages were a big help and much appreciated. But it’s out there now and I’m very proud of it and I hope you enjoy reading it. Word on the street is it’s the best one yet. I’d love to hear what you think.

While I was at it, I also re-designed the cover for How To Be Dead.

If you’d like a free copy, just click on the button and it’ll fly through the ether to you.

Right. I’d better get on with the fifth one now, I suppose. I promise you it’ll be much quicker than the other ones.

Thanks again.


Dave x

P.S. Actually in hindsight, the title does sound like I’m heralding the end of the world, rather than a book launch. Sorry about that.

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  1. Jenny Stamp says:

    Finally a writer who can actually deliver on another book. Martin and Rothfuss take note

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